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also applicable to mun, feel free to specify mun/muse.

  • Wrath: One thing that pisses off my muse to no end.
  • Gluttony: One thing my Muse probably has too much of
  • Greed: One thing my muse always wants more of
  • Envy: One thing my muse is jealous of in another muse.
  • Sloth: Something my muse always lacks or puts off for later.

u should try lust fufufu

*btw i cant find ur ask page, are u activated it?*


[ Reminiscing days when the Indonesian EC RP Family in twitter  was still crowded and full of dorks and  derps and weirdness… Warning LOTS of OOC  I’ve warned you OK

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Cant stop laughing because this. I even forgotten about kyrill n ney